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Locality Plan

Most people will have heard of Devolution, or Greater Manchester Devolution. This is about Greater Manchester having more control over the decisions made about how money is spent. This includes money for health and social care. We know that there is a gap of around 2 billion in Health and Social Care. This means that there is 2 billion less coming from government than we spend on health and social care in Greater Manchester. We know that Greater Manchester will be getting around £6 billion to pay for Health and Social Care services. It currently costs around £8 billion for our Health and Social Care services. This means that services will have to be delivered differently in order to prepare for this. Every local authority area in Greater Manchester needs to have a plan describing how services will run and how the money will be spent, including how savings will be made. This is called the Locality Plan or the Sustainability Plan. Every area will have its own plan, and there will be a Greater Manchester plan which helps to pull everything together.

In Salford, the Health and Wellbeing Board has been listening to local people to check that the priorities it will work on under the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy are the right ones. Salford has used this information to influence its Locality Plan. As well as this work, Salford has been looking at developing a toolkit to help share information about Devolution Greater Manchester. This will include frequently asked questions and information about what it will mean for the people of Salford. Salford CCG, Salford CVS, Salford Royal, Healthwatch Salford, Greater Manchester West and Salford Council will all be talking to groups and the community about Devolution Greater Manchester.

Healthwatch Salford has been working with all of the engagement leads in the City to write a plan for engagement over the next 5 years. We want to see engagement moving towards equal partnership between organisations and local people, with shared control. The ideas in this plan were included in the Locality Plan. We have based this on feedback from engagement sessions with local public. This paper has been agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board to be the policy supporting the Locality Plan. This means that engagement around the Locality Plan will need to be in line with the ideas in this paper (see the downloadable 'Salford - Devolution Engagement Paper' below).

The work around the Locality Plan is moving very quickly. A summary of Salford’s approach was sent to the Greater Manchester Devolution team in October 2016. You can read the summary by downloading the documents below.

Once the Greater Manchester plan is agreed, work will start around the work stream areas described in the plan. You can find more information on Devolution Greater Manchester, including a film explaining the project, at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website http://gmhealthandsocialcaredevo.org.uk/


Salford - Devolution Engagement Paper

Salford Locality Plan Exec Summary

Locality Plan appendix 1 - Outcomes

Locality Plan appendix 2 - Projections

Locality Plan appendix 3 - Interventions

Locality Plan appendix 4 - Engagement Plan

Salford Locality Plan Draft 2