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Your spotlight on local services

Healthier Together - North West Sector Partnership


What is Healthier Together?

Healthier Together is a review of health and social care services in Greater Manchester (GM) that seek to improve outcomes for all Greater Manchester residents. It has included a GM-wide consultation on a number of proposals. It is known that a range of hospital services have unacceptable variations in quality and outcomes for patients and that there are challenges concerning shortages of specialist staff and limited resources. Hence a new model of care was developed by clinicians from hospitals across Greater Manchester. This new model seeks to improve the effectiveness of GP services, improve how health and social care services are joined up and make sure hospital patients get the highest quality of care.

So, what does this new model involve?

The new model involves the formation of single services shared across the GM boroughs, raising the standards in all hospitals, and concentrating the specialist workforce and equipment in fewer places. This means designated ‘specialist hospital sites’, providing centres of excellence for specific groups of patients and including a ‘hub’ site for high risk patients. These specialist hospitals will provide care for a larger population and will be staffed by single multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) from collaborating hospitals.

What will this mean?

This should mean that:
• up to 300 additional lives will be saved per year;
• all hospitals will improve to meet new standards;
• consultants operate on the sickest patients;
• 20% increase in A&E consultants;
• 18% increase in general surgery consultants;
• general hospitals will treat more than 90% of patients who attend A&E and more than 80% of patients who require general surgery.

But what about local patients?

All hospitals will continue to provide care to their local populations as they do now but hospitals will co-operate by providing specialist teams who work across the region creating shared services in a network of connected hospitals. Each network will have a hospital that will specialize in providing specialist general surgery and one that will specialize in emergency medicine for life threatening conditions.

Who is the North-West Partnership?

North-West refers to the North West of Greater Manchester and the NW Sector Partnership is formed by:
1. NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group
2. Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
3. NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group
4. Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
5. Salford Clinical Commissioning Group

The partnership will not only focus on the implementation of the Healthier Together decisions but also review the opportunities for further transformation across the sector by working collaboratively.

Healthwatch Salford, along with Healthwatch Bolton and Healthwatch Wigan, will be working alongside the NHS bodies above to help engage with the public to give you your chance to have your say. So if you have any comments, concerns or questions, or you want to know more about how you can get involved, please contact us by emailing feedback@healthwatchsalford.co.uk or ringing 0330 355 0300.


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