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Salford LGBT History Month - Feb 2017


Healthwatch Salford & Salford LGBT Multi-agency Forum - History Month

Next February the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community of Salford will be celebrating LGBT History Month. http://www.salfordstudents.com/articles/lgbt-history-month-8d2b for more details.

Playing its part in the LGBT Multi-agency Forum, HWS would like to support the History month by asking visitors to its website to help.

Do you have anything to contribute to this celebration - maybe memories of how it used to be in Salford for LGBT people; maybe you have memorabilia or some old newspaper cuttings; maybe you've a story to tell - or would just like to help in whatever way you can.

For more information give us a call on 0330 355 0300 or email at feedback@healthwatchsalford.co.uk


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