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Your spotlight on local services


Healthwatch Salford uses project work to influence health and social care services. This year, you told us that our main projects should be around children and young people, mental health, GPs and older people. 

Above, under the main menu, you'll see the big Healthwatch projects we're doing at the moment. Please click on the project you're interested in for more information.

As well as these main projects, Healthwatch Salford is always working on various other projects to improve the health and wellbeing of Salford people. We do this by being a critical friend to our partners in the NHS, the city council as well as other health and social care providers.  Throughout September–December 2015, these pieces of work include.........

Mental Health Quality Visits / ‘Tell us your story’

One of the ways that Commissioners (people who plan, buy and check services) make sure that services are working well is to visit the service. These are called quality visits. This is a chance for them to understand more about the patient’s experience of using the service.

In our last priority setting exercise, you told us that mental health was really important. You said that you wanted us to do more work around mental health services to check that they work well.  

We will be working in partnership with Joint Commissioners (from the CCG / Council) to help people share their experiences of services. This will help commissioners understand what is working well and what needs to be improved.

If you have used one of the services below, please can you share your experiences with us. We are asking people to ‘tell us their story’. We want to know what worked well for you about the service and what could be made better.  You can tell us your story here: http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/tell-us-your-story

We will need your stories and experiences by the dates below:

  • Ramsgate House Community Mental Health Team by October 29th
  • Home Based Treatment Team by November 19th
  • Early Intervention by 4th December
  • Memory Assessment Team by February 2016
  • Older Adults Community Mental Health Team by May 2016
  • Prescott House Community Mental Health Team by August 2016 

If you would prefer to tell us your story over the telephone you can call us on: 0330 355 0900 (normal landline charge).

Or email us on: feedback@healthwatchsalford.co.uk

If you need the information in a different format, please let us know and we will do everything we can to help you share your story. 

Salford Research and Intelligence Group

This is a group made up of officers who look at the data we have for the City. This includes people from the Council, Public Health and Healthwatch Salford. We have been sharing the intelligence we collect with this group to help with their asset mapping. Asset mapping is a way of understanding all of the things in the community that people find useful. This can include buildings, services, people and groups. We hope that this information will help to influence the types of things that help neighborhoods and communities to be healthy and happy.

Health and Wellbeing Board – Engagement

Healthwatch Salford has a seat on the Health and Wellbeing Board. We are there to share the views of local people and make sure that they are central to any decisions that are made. We have been helping to write the engagement strategy for the next five years, to make sure that Salford is always improving how it engages with local people. You can read more about the Health and Wellbeing Board here: http://www.partnersinsalford.org/salfordhwbboard.htm

Neurological Treatment and Discharge

We have been speaking to groups in Salford that offer support to people who have experienced strokes or brain injuries. We have been trying to understand what things work well and what things need improving; particularly around experiences of discharge from the service. This information will be shared across Greater Manchester Healthwatches to see how best to address any issues.

Equality Network

Healthwatch Salford is part of the Equality Network. This network is made up of lots of different partners who are working together to develop an equality charter for the City. Healthwatch has been looking at how best to make a difference for local people and we have also been a part of an engagement group around equality. 

Northwest Sector

Healthwatch Salford had been working to explore how best to support people in the Healthier Together programme. This programme is about the standards of care for people needing treatment in hospitals in Greater Manchester. We have been talking with other local areas (Bolton and Wigan) to think about how local people are involved in services from these hospital trusts. 

Salford Royal Foundation Trust – Walk Round

To check that services are working well, commissioners have a ‘walk round’ of each service. They visit theatres and wards to see what is working well and what needs to be improved. We supported two Healthwatch Salford volunteers to join the walk round. Their reports were shared with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and have helped to inform how the service runs.