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Your spotlight on local services

Sign up as a Company Member or Volunteer with HWS

Do you live or work in Salford? Are you a user of health or social care services in Salford? Would you like to have more of a say in how these services are designed and delivered? Then sign up as a member of Healthwatch Salford and you can take an active part in shaping care services for the benefit of yourself, your family and your community. Read on to see what you could be a part of.

Children & Young People Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Project.

Early in 2016 we surveyed Salford people to discover what the priorities of local people were. One strong theme that came back to us was the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people in Salford. 

Hence Healthwatch Salford ran a project to listen to children and young people about their Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health over the summer running until November. We have worked with a group of Young People and Salford Young Carer’s Centre to develop a survey for children and young people to complete. Over 400 young people have told us how they feel and about their experiences. Healthwatch Salford, in association with Public Health at the council, analysed the results and produced a report (downloadable from our website http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/children-young-people-emotional-wellbeing-mental-health-project ). 

The results of the project have been presented to the Children and Young People’s Board and also specially nominated by Healthwatch England for an award. The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has taken on board recommendations whilst at the same time acknowledging the principle that engagement is ongoing.We have been working with commissioners and providers to review and improve Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health services for children and young people - following up on recommendations that reflect what we discovered in our project.

Are you passionate about the welfare of the young people of Salford? Can you see yourself being active in improving the prospects of our future citizens? Then sign up as a volunteer or a company member http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/sign-me

Forest Bank Prison Wellbeing Forum Project

As an example of an up-and-coming project, our planned project at HMP Forest Bank is innovative and far-sighted. We all want the best for our community and that includes less crime. Studies have shown that much crime is committed by those who have previously offended. To help break this circle of offending Healthwatch Salford has embarked in a project to establish a forum within HMP Forest Bank that will allow prisoners a voice in their own health matters.

This will show prisoners that they can have a productive input into issues that affect them in prison; building skills, self-esteem and raising their confidence levels through co-counselling and peer mentoring to help enable successful rehabilitation when leaving the prison. This will lead to ex-offenders feeling more included and less marginalized – and people who feel included in society are more likely to care about the consequences of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Could you make your mark by helping to fight future crime in Salford before it even happens? Then visit http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/sign-me

Brave New World – GM Locality Plan

Most people will have heard of Greater Manchester Devolution. This is about Greater Manchester having more control over the decisions made about how our money is spent. This includes money for health and social care.

There will be a gap of around 2 billion in Health and Social Care. This means that services will have to be delivered differently. In order to prepare for this every local authority area in Greater Manchester needs to have a plan describing how services will run and how the money will be spent, including how savings will be made. This is called the Locality Plan or the Sustainability Plan, and there will be an over-arching Greater Manchester plan which will pull everything together.

Healthwatch Salford, along with Salford NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford Community and Voluntary Services (CVS), Salford Royal, Greater Manchester West NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust and Salford Council, are talking to groups and the community about Devolution Greater Manchester in order to write a plan for public engagement over the next 5 years.

Are you clued up? Could you explain these changes to your neighbour and why they are so important? Then visit http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/sign-me

(You can find more information on Devolution Greater Manchester at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/homepage/59/devolution)

The I.C.O. (the what?)

Not many have heard of the I.C.O. but it’s very important and is set to get more so. The Intermediate Care Organization (to give it its full name) is a new and wide ranging initiative to make the care of people more joined up and patient-based. It centres on the care of patients as they move from hospital back into the community. As our population grows older, with the challenges that brings, the importance of this programme is self-evident.

Our Engagement Worker and trained volunteers visited Hartley Green, Barton Brook, The Limes, Community Rehab / Rapid Response and Intravenous (IV) Therapy services to listen to people’s views and experiences of these services. We have also asked members of the public to share their stories of these services directly with Healthwatch Salford.The stories and experiences we have collected will be used to inform the Intermediate Care service review. We will also be linking this piece of work to Healthwatch England’s ‘Safely Home’ project which looks at what happens when people leave hospitals and care settings nationally, and shares this information with the Department of Health.

Do you think you could volunteer to help monitor the success (or otherwise) of services for Salford people leaving hospital? If so, please visit http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/sign-me

For more info on the ICO visit https://www.salford.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/contact-adult-social-care/what-is-an-assessment/short-term-support/

For more info on our work with the I.C.O. visit http://www.healthwatchsalford.co.uk/intermediate-care-review-project-0