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Your spotlight on local services

Get Involved

Healthwatch Salford is a community led organization and therefore it is very important that you, the people of Salford, are involved. The easiest way you can be part of Healthwatch Salford's work is to sign up to receive our newsletters and bulletins.

If you are interested in membership or volunteering, please have a look at our vision, mission, values and objectives below........


The Company wants people to have happy and healthy lives, with everyone working with and listening to each other and being involved with local organisations. 


The Company exists to encourage and empower local people, especially those who are most marginalised or vulnerable, to have more control in their lives and to influence the organisations that affect them. 


The Company has three key values:
• Involving – listening, engaging and encouraging people with sensitivity
• Influencing – making change happen through helpful challenge
• Excelling – continually improving in quality through skills, knowledge and experience 


The Company’s Objectives are for the public benefit; namely the advancement of health and well being in the city and the relief of those Salford people in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability or financial hardship by: 

  • helping people to improve and use their skills to do things for themselves and others;
  • supporting people in getting their voices heard; and therefore
  • improving health and well being.

 - Follow the link for membership, volunteering or how to sign up for bulletins.