Our Volunteer Roles

Help us find out what people in your local community think about the NHS and social care they receive here in Salford. Get involved – your views really do count!

We need people with energy and enthusiasm and who are passionate about improving health and social care in Salford to become volunteers. Anyone who lives or works in Salford can volunteer with us. You can give as much or as little of your time as you want, but any time you can give will make a difference. Share your energy and enthusiasm with your community to make things better for everyone in Salford.

Our Roles:

Authorised Representative for Enter and View visits

Through our Enter and View programme you will be listening to and reflecting the views and experiences of local people, service users, their family, friends and staff who often go unheard within publicly funded health and social care premises.

Main duties:

  •  To go into health and social care premises to see and hear for themselves how services are provided
  • To collect the views of service users, family and staff at the point of service delivery· To observe the nature and quality of services – involving all the senses
  • To gather and collate evidence-based findings at the point of service delivery, to add to a wider understanding of how services are delivered to local people collate
  • To report findings and associated recommendations (good and bad) to providers, CQC, Local Authority and NHS commissioners and quality assurers, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners
  • To develop insights and recommendations across multiple visits to inform strategic decision making at local and national levels

Time commitment

Each Enter and View visit lasts approximately 3-4 hours, which are scheduled over several weeks, usually with one or two visits each week. Volunteers commit to the date and times they are available for, there is no minimum or maximum number to commit to. One programme of Enter and View visits is undertaken each year.

Community Champion

Obtain the views of local people regarding their needs and experiences of local services. Engage with local people who might otherwise be marginalised or under-represented. Report back to local people through Healthwatch’s networks changes and improvements made to services that are a result of local people sharing their views, needs and experience of local services.

Main duties:

  • Obtain the views of a broad range of local people regarding their needs and experiences of local services. Engage with local people who might otherwise be marginalised or under-represented.
  • Communicate with people who are marginalised or unlikely to be aware of Healthwatch Salford.
  • Record and feedback views, needs and experiences gathered from local people to Healthwatch accurately, neutrally and appropriately.
  • Obtain the views of a broad range of local people regarding their needs and experiences of local services.
  • Promote and market Healthwatch at events and meetings.
  • Report back to local people the results of discussions and where changes have been made to services as a result of local people’s views, needs and experience of local services.

Time commitment

Extra office support is usually determined by the current projects that are running at Healthwatch Salford though it is anticipated to be at least a couple of hours per week.

Office Support

Providing essential assistance in the smooth running of the Healthwatch Salford office. This can be anything from answering the telephone, data inputting or helping to get our engagement packs together.

Main duties:

  • General administrative tasks such as answering the telephone, taking messages, data entry, desk-based research
  • Assisting with preparation and photocopying of paperwork for board and other meetings


In this role you will help to make our information, and that of health and social care organisations, more accessible.

You may find yourself looking through documents, leaflets or papers to make comments on how to improve them. In addition to producing and reviewing Healthwatch Salford's materials, we are regularly invited to read over documents from health and social care organisations to ensure they are user friendly.

Main duties:

  • Looking over information materials and reports produced by Healthwatch Salford and other organisations to ensure they are accessible to the general public and/or its intended audience
  • Adhering to Healthwatch Salford's policies on confidentiality, handling documents responsibly
  • Thoroughly reviewing documents and being professional when sharing feedback
  • Reviewing documents and giving feedback in a timely manner, meeting deadlines set by Healthwatch Salford

Time commitment

This is a flexible opportunity that you can support us with remotely and whenever you are available. The Researcher role is ad-hoc, dependent on the requests we receive from other organisations to review literature, but the time commitment will not exceed 2-3 occasions per month.

Are you interested in any of the roles?

Please get in touch and we can discuss the opportunities further and make sure the role will work best for you and your time commitments.


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