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Our priorities for 2021/22

Take a read of our Priorities Report for 2021/22 which showcases what the people of Salford have said they would like us to focus on for the year ahead.

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The Speak Up Salford Fund

In March we launched our Speak Up Salford Fund. Local organisations can apply for funding for activities that encourage people they work with to give feedback on their experience of the health and social care system in Salford. This feedback could range from people’s experience of accessing services to their experience of treatment, highlighting what is working well and any barriers they face.

The project will be beneficial to local groups getting to know their communities, resulting in improved health and wellbeing for people living in Salford.

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Our Business Plan for the year ahead

Each year we consult with public and use our intelligence shared with us over the previous twelve months to help develop the business plan for the year ahead. 

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