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January 2021

Healthwatch Salford Community Forum

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Tuesday 12th January, 2021 - 10:00 to 12:00

About this event

At this months Community Forum we will be looking at our priorities for the year ahead and asking you what areas you'd like to see us focus on. 

Every year we carry out a survey to decide which areas we should focus our work on over the coming year.  We all love the NHS and value the support that social care services provide, but they need to hear from the people who use them about how they can improve. 

We want you to tell us what areas of health and care we should focus on and what it is about these services that you feel we need to look at in more detail.  In addition, we would love to hear your experiences of these services (e.g. how easy was it to access the help and support you needed? What was your experience of care like?  How did you feel about the further treatment, care, or support you were offered?).

Contact details

Book your place:

0330 355 0300

The Zoom meeting link will be emailed to all attendees a few days prior to the event.