Salford women have their views heard in new health report to make improvements to services

A new report into women’s experiences of health and social care services in Salford has been published.
Woman speaking to someone at the hospital reception

The report includes the views and experiences of 135 women across a range of topics, including key health worries, access to services, and what barriers prevent women from keeping healthy.

The report found that although 90% of women surveyed who had used a health or care service in the city in the last year had rated the experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, 19% felt that services did not understand, or were not sure if they understood, the needs of women.

The respondents suggested several ways services could be improved and barriers could be reduced to help them to live healthy lives, including more access to female health care professionals, affordable female only leisure and exercise sessions, and inexpensive classes on healthy cooking, English language, and money and budgeting.

Following the success of our men’s report, we are delighted to highlight the views and experiences of women across our city so that health and social care services understand how they can shape services to best meet the needs of local citizens.
— Alex Leach, Chief Officer

You can read the full report here:

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