Giving Time - A poem to celebrate Volunteers Week 2021

To celebrate Volunteers Week 2021 our Board Member and Volunteer 'J', Ahmed has written a poem called Giving Time.
Healthwatch staff member holding balloons at a community event

This is a week to celebrate

The time we choose to give

To better the condition

In the city that we live,


To better all the services

In health and social care.

Improvements that could not take place

If Healthwatch wasn't there.


Making all aware

Of the issues to be fixed.

It is a clearer picture

That our work helps to depict.


And with this clearer picture

We promote the change

For all the Salford people -

We are one and the same.


And so we do maintain

A close connection, volunteers

Essential to our work

Have been with us many years.


And, newer volunteers

Who've joined us over time

Have added to our team

With open, eager minds.


To all of you who, freely

Giving of your time,

Help to have our Healthwatch heard

Much as I give mine,


I owe a debt of gratitude -

Your commitment to the cause

Urges me to carry on

My energy is yours.


Our energy is the key

We use it with one voice,

Amplified together,

Exercising choice.


And so, this week for volunteers

I want to give you praise -

It is your many efforts

That helps this ship to stay


Firmly on a course

Where the peoples unheard voice

Will be the catalyst for change

And a better sense of choice.


Our city never sleeps,

We keep things moving too

So today it's good to just sit down

And have a brew with you...


'J', Ahmed.

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