Healthwatch Salford's 2018-2019 Annual Report

Healthwatch Salford Annual Report shows how sharing your experience made a difference in 2018/2019.
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Find out about our resources and the way we have engaged and supported more people in 2018-19.

  •  2522 people shared their health and social care stories with us.
  • We have 21 volunteers helping to carry out our work. In total, they gave over 600 hours.
  • 145 people accessed Healthwatch advice and information online or contacted us with questions about local support, 10% more than last year
  • We visited 26 services and 15 community events to understand people’s experiences of care. From these visits, we made 65 recommendations for improvement. 52 improvements we suggested were adopted by services to make health and care better in our community.
  • 26% more people engaged with us through our website and social media


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Annual Report 2018-2019

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