More than half of respondents say Covid-19 has affected their mental health, Healthwatch Salford survey finds

The first results of a monthly survey that aims to track the Covid-19 experiences of Salfordians have been published.
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The “Covid-19: How Is It For You?” online survey captures the impact that the pandemic has had on people’s lives, and aims to track whether this changes by repeating the survey every month. 


The first survey, completed in October, found that 24 out of 45 respondents felt the pandemic had affected their mental health, and 17 respondents believed their physical health had been affected.  


The pandemic has affected us all in many ways, and it’s important that we capture how it affects Salfordians as we continue to live with virus throughout winter and beyond. As the local champions for people’s experiences of health and social care, it is important that once we have captured people’s views, we share these findings with Salford City Council, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, and providers of services. We are encouraging people to complete the survey every month so we can track the impact and make changes to improve peoples wellbeing.
— Alex Leach, Chief Officer

The survey is available to complete online, and reports will be published each month, which will be available from the Healthwatch Salford website. Hard copies can be requested by contacting the team on:

0330 355 0300

To read the latest report, visit: 


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