The Speak Up Salford Fund

The Speak Up Salford Fund is a small grants fund intended for local organisations and community groups in Salford who can assist Healthwatch Salford with collecting feedback from members of the community who use health and social care services.

Through the Speak Up Salford Fund, Healthwatch Salford are looking to increase the range of residents who have a say on health and social care in Salford and offer organisation funds to allow them to start these conversations about people’s experiences of health and social care, resulting in the improved wellbeing of members of the community.

At the end of the programme once feedback from organisations has been submitted, Healthwatch Salford will present the report and findings to relevant commissioners and providers such as Salford CCG so feedback from the community can be taken on board by professionals and decision makers in Salford’s health system.

Following the completion of Speak Up Salford Fund projects, Healthwatch Salford will maintain links with local organisations and groups to continue the conversation around how health and social care services can cater to everyone in Salford.

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Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply, organisations must:

  • be a new or existing not-for-profit, third sector, voluntary or community group
  • be connected with and meeting the needs of local communities in Salford
  • have a governing document including the group name, the purpose of the group and group members as a minimum
  • have a bank account requiring two signatories

Applications from organisations that have a financial deficit will not be accepted. Healthwatch Salford does not make grants to individuals.

How much money is available for organisations?

Organisations can apply for up to £1000 for their project. Healthwatch Salford would expect projects requiring the maximum amount of money to reach a large audience or feature particular expenses to cover, e.g. interpreters

How do organisations apply?

Please download the Speak Up Salford Fund Application Form and Guidance document below. Once completed, you can submit your application in the following ways:

  • via email to with the subject ‘Speak Up Salford Fund’
  • by post, sending your application to: Speak Up Salford Fund – Healthwatch Salford, The Old Town Hall, 5 Irwell Place, Eccles, Salford, M30 0FN

If you have any questions about anything raised in the Speak Up Salford Fund Guidance, or you need support filling out the application, please do not hesitate to contact Scarlett Ash:

0330 355 0300


If you would like either of the documents in an alternative format please get in touch:

0330 355 0300

Application Form
Guidance Document

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