Healthwatch Salford Prisoner Listener Training Report July 2018

Throughout the first month of the project, more than 20 healthcare stories were gathered and some of the issues raised are included in this report.
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This project enabled prisoners in Salford to express their views about healthcare in the local prison, and changes have been made as a result of the intervention. 

The Healthwatch Salford Prisoner Listeners were tasked with getting as many people on their wings as possible to fill in the annual #WhatMatters2U survey to help HWS set their project priorities for the coming year.


• continue to mentor the existing listeners.

• train listeners on the additional wings.

• continue to plan a Healthy Lifestyles day to take place at the prison

• use contacts made to reach out to families and friends of prisoners, spreading the word in the community about Healthwatch Salford.

• identify the most common issues using the feedback received, and request the Prison Healthcare services to respond to these in writing.

• report back to the prison and send all reports to the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

• publicise the successes of the methodology to other Healthwatch’s in the country with the aim of encouraging them to work with their local prisons if they are not already doing so.


Prisoner Listener Training Report July 2018

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