Patient Engagement - Salford Royal Emergency Department

Healthwatch Salford were invited by Salford Royal hospital to take part in their testing of an Urgent Treatment Centre. Healthwatch worked with the hospital on a survey to gather feedback from patients gather following treatment within the test.
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Summary of report content

The questions explored the non-medical reasons why patients had presented themselves to the emergency department in the first place and whether they made this decision because they were unable to get access to their own GP.


  • Over 4 days, they spoke with 101 people.
  • Most people said it was their own choice to seek treatment from the Emergency Department
  • The average time they had to wait to be seen over the 4 days ranged from 11 to 18 minutes
  • 54% had visited the Emergency Department before
  • Virtually all would recommend the care they got from the Emergency Department.  Overall the comments received from patients were positive, mentioning the speed and organisation of staff, along with praise to the staff team for being friendly, approachable and understandable.


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Patient Engagement - Salford Royal Emergency Department

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